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Change of Key, A

Part of the Series : Understanding Music

Our Price: $99.95

Part of the Series : Understanding Music

Our Price: $99.95
Genres in Music: From Handel to Hip-Hop

Throughout history, musicians and musical works have reflected the fashion, culture, and social attitudes of their times.

Our Price: $129.95
Inside a Recording Studio

Singers and band members get all the attention, but the technicians and producers who work inside a recording studio are just as important to the creation of a great song.

Our Price: $129.95
Introduction to Composing, An

How do musicians find the inspiration to create? Do most songwriters come up with lyrics first, or music?

Our Price: $129.95
Music Instinct: The Science and Song

Directed by Elena Mannes

Our Price: $24.99
Notations: A Composer's Response to Crisis

In this program, pianist Mia Chung explores the innovations of Beethovenís genius in the face of enormous obstacles as she performs, deconstructs, and discusses two of Beethovenís most significant solo piano works...

Our Price: $199.95
Seven Ages of Music, The

This program traces the development of African music, particularly South African music, from early tribal songs to the modern pop sounds of groups like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Hugh Masekela. The program covers seven phases of development which mirror the history of an entire people.

Our Price: $169.95