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"Nike" TV Commercial, The

Here the creative director of the advertising agency explains the thinking behind the commercial.

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24: Behind the Scenes -- The Editing Process

Ideal for Production & Mass Communication Classes & Students Wanting to enter the TV Business.

Our Price: $79.00
A Tribute to Dick Smith

A living legend and master of special makeup effects.

Our Price: $99.00
A Tribute to John Chambers

With very few and special exceptions, there is no more influential an individual
in the modern world of special makeup effects than John Chambers.

Our Price: $99.00
A Tribute to The Wizard of Oz

A special behind-the-scenes look at the tribute to honor the makeup
genius of Jack Dawn and his team, from the 60-year-old classic film
- The Wizard of Oz.

Our Price: $99.00
Acting One, Day One

The most basic principles of acting, as taught by Robert

Our Price: $99.00
Advanced Shooting

Basic editing techniques that will give your video a professional feel!  Video editing provides the tools and techniques to get you on the road to producing professional quality videos.

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Advanced Story Techniques

Part of The Advanced Screenwriting Series with Linda Seger

Our Price: $79.95
Adventures in Voice Acting: 5-Part Series

Institutional Version

Our Price: $295.00
Advertising: The Hidden Language

Dr. Philip Bell of the National Academy of Advertising shows how successful ads implicate the viewer in the completion of fantasy narratives.

Our Price: $59.95
Albert Whitlock: A Master Of Illusion

The Creation of Special Visual Effects Featuring Mel Brooks, Albert Whitlock & Richard Schickel. Using Mel Brooks "A History of the World - Part I" as a backdrop, Albert Whitlock: A Master of Illusion, takes a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of special visual effects in the movie business.

Our Price: $79.95
Animation Games

Description Coming Soon

Our Price: $59.95
Art of Communicating, The

The Series Includes : Language | Writing | Modern Myths | Comedy

Our Price: $599.80
Art of Design -- 1

Here viewers see: "Graphics" by Jonathan Barnbrook; "Animatronics" by the Jim Henson Creature Workshop Team; "Handihaler Inhaler for Asthmatics" by Therefore Design; the "Psion 5 Handheld Computer" by Kinneir Dufort; "Earth Galleries Exhibition" by Event Communications; the "Cable & Wireless Adventure Powerboat" by John Walker.

Our Price: $200.00
Art of Design -- 2

This program presents the Ford "Ka" by the Ford Design Team; the "Mekong Wheelchair" by Motivation; the "Rolls-Royce 3-Shaft Engine" by Geoff Wilde and Rob Howe; "RAC Control Center" by Nicholas Grimshaw; "Automated Teller Machines," ATMs, by NCR Design; "Team Fashion" by Ally Cappellino.

Our Price: $200.00
Art of Screenwriting Series, The

4 Disc Set

Our Price: $300.00
Art Of Screenwriting: Adaptation

This program teaches highlighting the good parts and trouble spots, research, visualizing and dramatization, non-fiction vs. fiction, the echo effect, online reasearch vs. physical, changing directions, genre material, staying fresh and externalizing characters' thoughts. Subjects covered include: What to include.

Our Price: $79.95
Special discounted price: $59.95
Art Of Screenwriting: Character

Learn the mystery of character, character dictating plot, character information, biographies, real characters vs. fictional characters, writing a franchise character, rules to break and not to break. Subjects covered include: Who should be your protagonist? Does plot or character come first? How do you find the right characters to suit your needs? How do you get a character to do what you want? How to you get your characters to do what they want?

Our Price: $79.95
Art Of Screenwriting: Dialogue and Description

This program teaches text and subtext, conveying emotion of the character and the situation they're in, research, rewriting dialogue, character profiling and specificity of vision. Subjects covered include: Something you write or something you hear.

Our Price: $79.95
Art Of Screenwriting: Narrative and Structure

This program teaches how to get started, the main idea and servicing it, finding a movies spine, sources of inspiration, outlining, characters' relationship with structure, description, research, instinct vs. technique, writing a script vs. selling one.

Our Price: $79.95
Audition Techniques

The purpose of this video is to prepare students or other aspiring actors for successful auditions in high school theater, community theater, university theater, professional theater and theme parks. Features two working actors, illustrating proper and improper audition pieces.

Our Price: $119.00
Audition: Part 1

Relationship: Michael Shurtleff demonstrates that actors must always ask "Where is the love in the scene?" even in a scene of conflict, to get to the deepest emotional content.Conflict: "What are you fighting for" Michael shows how actors must search out the conflict in every scene. Without conflict, there is no drama.The Moment Before: Michael and his students explore how to start a scene with full energy. Something must propel you onto the stage and it must be an action, not simply an idea or a mood.

Our Price: $99.95
Audition: Part 2

Michael shows how to keep "making things happen for the first time" through a constant process of discovery.

Our Price: $99.95
Audition: Part 3

Locating the dramatic core.

Our Price: $99.95
Audition: Part 4

Creating a sense of place even on a bare stage. The emotional relationship to place is more than the place itself.

Our Price: $99.95
Auditioning Allan Miller

In this program Alan Miller give practical advice and techniques on how to achieve a successful audition in any situation, whether its a cold reading, a warm reading, a prepared monologue or call back.

Our Price: $99.00
Auditioning for Commercials

Learn the process of auditioning for commercials and how to put your best foot forward.  Through a relaxed workshop dialogue with professional director and acting teacher Paul Awad, students discuss and work through exercises designed to give them the techniques and skills necessary for a successful commercial audition.

Our Price: $99.00
Auditioning for the Camera

Where should you look during an audition?

Our Price: $99.00
Authoring and Design

This program teaches the various aspects of DVD authoring and design. Subjects covered include: Intro to DVD Authoring, DVD Authoring Tools, Menu Design, Navigation & Linkages, DVD Extras, MPEG-2 Encoding & Burning.

Our Price: $39.95
Basic Blue Screen and Green Screen Photography

Visual Effects Learning Series. Learn the art and science of Blue Screen and Green Screen photography from special effects veteran and Academy Award Winner Peter Kuran.

Our Price: $99.00