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Abortion and Divorce in Western Law: Mary Ann Glendon

All laws tell stories, says Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon-stories about who we are, where we came from, where we are going, and what we value.

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Age of Consent: Sex and the American Legal System, The

In this ABC News program, John Stossel sheds light on troubling issues involving sexual behavior and criminal justice.

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Alan Dershowitz: A Portrait in the First Person

Attorney, teacher, author-also gadfly and loudmouth-Alan Dershowitz says he has long since stopped trying to make a good impression, preferring to stand up for what he believes is right.

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All About Forensic Science

Unlike what’s seen on TV crime shows, forensic science often requires weeks or months to produce results, and—although it’s far from boring—it rarely involves confronting a suspect.

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Amendments 5 8: The Justice Amendments

Part of the Series : Amendments 1-10: The Bill of Rights, The Amendments to the Constitution: Bill of Rights and Beyond

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An Overview of Investigative Interviewing

Part of the Series : Investigative Interviewing: The Methodology Behind Police Interrogation

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And Justice for All?

This program with Bill Moyers examines the crisis within the American court system.

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Attorney General Janet Reno

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, straight talking and controversial, has become one of the stars of the Clinton cabinet.

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Beyond the Blue: Life as a Female Police Officer

This program explores what it is like to balance a career in a risky, high-visibility, male-dominated occupation with marriage and motherhood.

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Bill Moyers Journal: Bruce Fein and Mark Danner on the Torture Memos / Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana

How should America react to the Bush-era torture memos released by the Department of Justice?

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Bill Moyers Journal: Capitol Crimes-Update

The continued investigation into the epic scandal involving former lobbyist Jack Abramoff is bringing to light additional revelations about corruption at the core of the U.S. government.

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Bill Moyers Journal: Historian Thomas Cahill / Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In an interview that takes viewers from the Roman Coliseum to death row in Texas, Bill Moyers talks with the author of How the Irish Saved Civilization about capital punishment and its place in American culture.

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Bill Moyers Journal: Philippe Sands on Torture / Nurses on Healthcare

When it comes to interrogation methods, does the end ever really justify the means?

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Bill Moyers Journal: The Rise of Unitary Executive Power

How far can a President go to defend the nation?

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Bill Moyers Journal: Torture Hearings

On Capitol Hill, members of Congress have been interviewing witnesses and investigating the treatment of detainees suspected of terrorism.

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Biowar: The Terrible Prospect of Biological Terrorism

The Series Includes : The Price of Surprise: Days One Through Six, Regaining Control: Days Seven and Eight

Our Price: $299.90
Bodies, Blood, and Ballistics: Forensics School, Part One

Part of the Series : Forensics School: Inside a Criminal Justice Training Center

Our Price: $99.95
Border War: The Mexico/U.S. Drug Connection

Part of the Series : The War on Drugs: The Reality Behind the Movie Traffic

Our Price: $99.95
Catching Them Early

Part of the Series : In Search of Law and Order

Our Price: $99.95
Cocaine Wars


Our Price: $99.95
Color and the Quality of Life

Part of the Series : Minority Rights: Hypotheticals

Our Price: $169.95

Part of the Series : The Experiment: Power, Behavior, and Identity under Duress

List Price: $300.00
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Crime Fighting into the 21st Century

This program explores some of the technology that's transforming law enforcement, from a bug that can determine time of death and is admissible in court, to computer technology that can re-create a face from a body so decomposed it no longer has one.

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Crime Scene Chronicles: Forensics School, Part Three

Part of the Series : Forensics School: Inside a Criminal Justice Training Center

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Crime: Fighting Mad, Fighting Back

This program explores new ways in which law enforcement agencies and members of the public are approaching crime prevention.

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