Shelf Ready

Time is Money. That it's a cliche doesn't make the phrase any less valid.

At Action! we understand that for libraries, this often represents itself in thinly-stretched staffing budgets. Our Shelf Ready service may allow you to better utilize your staff-hours by freeing up time that would otherwise be allotted to preparing your materials for the shelf.

We offer a range of services based on your particular needs.
We offer the following:
  • Copy Cataloging - copy records will be provided "as is" (records will be checked for accuracy and completeness) when no record is available a properly coded brief record will be supplied.
  • Original Cataloging - records will comply with current library standards (RDA and MARC21)
  • Customized MARC records - can included (but is not limited to): addtion of holdings fields (852, 949 or other), modification of subject headings or notes; addition of local call numbers (092), other constant data (049, 5XX, etc.)
  • OCLC records (a third-party agreement is required)
Physical Processing--
Our physical processing services include Spine Labels, Security Devices, Barcodes, Property Stamps, and Security Cases. If you need something beyond the basics, just ask.

Whether you want us to replicate the customized DVD processing done in your Technical Services department, or to just provide a standard processing package, we have the expertise, the tools, and the standards to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

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